Pune to Navi Mumbai by Road – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

Navi Mumbai is a planned city located on the west coast of Maharashtra, India. It is known for its scenic beauty, modern architecture, and vibrant nightlife. Navi Mumbai is also home to several IT parks, educational institutions, and tourist attractions. When you book a Navi Mumbai car rental with Savaari, the most noteworthy part of it is that you can turn a simple drive into an experiential road trip.

Best Time to Visit Navi Mumbai by Road: 

The best time to visit Navi Mumbai by road is from November to February when the weather is pleasant and dry. It is best to avoid during monsoon season as the region experiences heavy rainfall, and the roads can be prone to flooding.

Popular Routes to Take from Pune to Reach Navi Mumbai :

Let us help you discover some of the best routes so your trip from Pune to Navi Mumbai by road is nothing short of amazing!

Here are two popular routes to take from Pune to reach Navi Mumbai:

  1. Route 1- Pune – Mumbai-Pune Expressway – Navi Mumbai:This is the most direct and popular route from Pune to Navi Mumbai, covering a distance of around 150 kilometers. The expressway passes through Lonavala and other small towns before reaching Navi Mumbai.
  2. Route 2- Pune – Mumbai-Pune Highway – Old Mumbai-Pune Road – Navi Mumbai: This route is slightly longer than the Mumbai-Pune Expressway route and covers a distance of around 180 kilometers. The highway passes through several small towns and villages before reaching the Old Mumbai-Pune Road, which then leads to Navi Mumbai. This route offers scenic views of the countryside and the surrounding landscape.

Places to Visit Along the Route:

  1. Karnala Bird Sanctuary: This sanctuary is situated on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is known for its rich biodiversity and scenic beauty.
  2. Adlabs Imagica: This amusement park is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is known for its thrilling rides and entertainment options.
  3. Khopoli: This small town is located on the Mumbai-Pune Highway and is known for its scenic beauty and historic forts.

Places to Eat Along the Route:

  1. Kamat Restaurant: This restaurant is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and offers a variety of vegetarian cuisine, including thalis and dosas.
  2. Sunny Da Dhaba: This dhaba is located on the Mumbai-Pune Highway and is known for its North Indian cuisine, including tandoori chicken and dal makhani.
  3. Panvel Dosa Center: This eatery is located in Panvel, a town on the Mumbai-Pune Highway, and is known for its delicious South Indian dosas and chutneys.


The journey from Pune to Navi Mumbai by road is a delightful experience that offers a glimpse into the scenic beauty of Maharashtra. With several popular routes to take and plenty of places to visit and eat along the way, it is a must-do for anyone looking to explore the beauty of Navi Mumbai and its surrounding areas.

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