5 reasons to skip Mysore Dasara.


History so rich, it feels like fiction

Travel back over half a millennium? Because Mysore's history, from the Vijayanagara kings to the Wadiyars, is just too magnetic. And the name "Mysore" from "Mahishasura"? Too iconic.

Elephant parade that's straight out of a fairy tale

A mesmerizing ensemble of elephants, artists, and musicians? Classic cars and vivid floats weaving through Mysore's roads? And an elephant in gold carrying Goddess Chamundeshwari in a 750kg howdah? Too majestic to be just another parade.

A torch light parade that rivals starry nights

Equestrian displays, motorbike stunts, and lasers? Just Mysore turning the night into a spectacle. It's too electrifying to be just a parade.

Savaari's chauffeurs are more like your undercover agents in Mysore. While the masses are stuck in the usual, these stealthy navigators whisk you to the city's hidden vantage points.  Because why get lost in the crowd when you can have a VIP view on wheels?

Palace illumination that puts stars to shame

100,000 light bulbs from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. with cultural performances showcasing Karnataka's dance and music? The Mysore Palace isn't showing off; it's just too radiant.

A cultural extravaganza that's too vast for ten days

Dasara exhibition, wrestling, flower shows, seminars, workshops. Mysore Dasara is too culturally rich for a mere ten-day festival. It's like the world's grandest cultural buffet.

Culinary delights that taste like heaven's secrets

Huli Thovve, Kosambari, Rava Kesari, and Pal Payasam? Tasting heaven is too delightful for our mortal taste buds. But hey, let's indulge anyway.

Who enjoys mingling with crowds or being stuck in traffic? By simply downloading the Savaari app and booking a cab, you're treated to a front-row seat from your car. And the chauffeurs always have a hidden gem or two up their sleeves.