A Journey to Meghalaya's Hidden ‘BeautiFalls’

Khaddum Shympe Falls

Secluded in the East Khasi Hills, Khaddum Shympe Falls is a seasonal cascade best visited post-monsoon for its fullest and most vigorous flow.

Od- ringai Falls

Od-ringai Falls is a hidden spectacle located near Nongstoin, known for its multi-tiered falls creating a serene backdrop for nature enthusiasts.

Just off the beaten path near Mawsynram, Kshaid Weinia Falls astonishes visitors with its impressive height and the lush, misty environment it nourishes.

Kshaid Weinia Falls

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Kshaid Thum

Kshaid Thum offers an intimate experience with nature, situated close to the village of Mawlyngbna, known for its rich aquatic biodiversity.

Krangsuri Falls

Krangsuri Falls is one of Meghalaya's most beloved waterfalls, famed for its blue pools and ideal for a refreshing swim in Jaintia Hills.

Phe-Phe Falls, part of a two-tiered waterfall system, is a growing eco-tourism spot near Jowai, offering tranquil surroundings and traditional Khasi hospitality.

Phe- Phe falls

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