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Historical Trails - A Journey from Agra's Mughal Majesty to Delhi's Urban Dynamism

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Frequently used route

Agra - Mathura - Faridabad - Delhi

240 km

4 hr 20 mins


Enchanting Pit Stops

Lush greenery, colourful flowers & soothing ambience

City Park

For some fun and games along the way

Worlds of Wonder

Spot different species of birds in nature

Okla Bird Sanctuary

One of the world’s fastest motor racing circuits

Buddh International Circuit

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Famous for its refreshing tea and snacks

Sharma Tea Stall, Mathura

Must-visit for peda and other sweets

Brijwasi Sweets, Mathura

Best for traditional North Indian dishes

Highway Dhabas near Faridabad

Grab a Bite


In Delhi's vibrant embrace, Ancient forts and bustling bazaars Coexist with modern skyscrapers and green boulevards.

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A symbol of India's rich history

Red Fort

Iconic war memorial and city landmark

India Gate

A marvel of modern architecture

Lotus Temple

A UNESCO World Heritage site

Qutub Minar

A shopper's paradise with old-world charm

Chandni Chowk

Places to visit in and around Delhi

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Karim's, Old Delhi – Legendary spot for Mughlai cuisine. Paranthe Wali Gali – Famous for its variety of paranthas. Hauz Khas Social – Trendy cafe with eclectic menu and views.

Places to eat in Delhi

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Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Hidden Gem Alert

A less-explored historical site with ancient ruins

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Delhi's Cultural Melange

Among the countless mouthwatering options, chole bhature stands out as a quintessential dish that embodies the flavours and spirit of Delhi.  This North Indian dish, consisting of spicy chickpea curry (chole) served with deep-fried bread (bhature), is a true gastronomic delight that leaves taste buds dancing with joy.

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