Are You REALLY Celebrating Diwali Right? Surprising Traditions That Amaze

Varanasi's Splash Party for Gods

When deities hit the Ganges for a divine dip and Varanasi turns into the universe’s top holiday spot!

Kolkata's Kali Karaoke Night

The city doesn't just light up; it dances, sings, and grooves in an all-out gala for Goddess Kali. Earplugs optional!

Goa's Demonic Bonfire Bash

Narkasura effigies become the main attraction. It's a fiery celebration with drama worthy of a primetime soap opera!

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Gujarat's Back-to-Back Festive Binge

Diwali, then New Year. Because why have one party when you can seamlessly roll into another?

Maharashtra's 'Moo-tastic' Diwali Parade

Cows take center stage and trust us, it’s udderly beautiful. VIP treatment, garlands, and endless love.

Tamil Nadu's Pre-Dawn Disco

They party when the world sleeps. After a refreshing oil bath, it's all lights, music, and action even before the sun peeks!

Orissa’s Sweet-Toothed Kali Fest

Goddesses worship with a side of adorable animal sweets. A combination you never knew you needed!

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