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Winding through Silk and Stone - A Picturesque Bangalore to Mysore Road Trip

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Frequently used route

Bangalore - Bidadi - Ramanagra - Mandya - Mysore

146 km

2 hr 30 mins


Enchanting Pit Stops

The Silk city


Avian Haven

Maddur Bird Sanctuary

Shop wooden toys


Indo-Islamic grandeur

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

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The famous Bidadi Thatte Idli

Sri Shiva Darshana Shashi Hotel

Sip & dine in style

Heritage Wine Tour

Try the khara bath & Puri saggu

Shivalli Restaurant

Grab a Bite


In Mysore's embrace, palaces whisper tales, Silken sandalwood breezes, where tradition sails. A city's heart beats in royal trails.

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Historical tour, evening light show, art gallery

Mysore palace

Rare animal species, fun day outing with family

Mysore Zoo

Sacred Summit, Sunset spot, statue of Nandi

Chamundi hills

Wildlife safari, Camping site, Stargazing

Bandipur National Park

Gold embroidery sarees, weavers at work

Government Silk Factory

Places to visit in and around Mysore

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- Agragara Mylari - The Bake house - Guru Sweet Mart - Tiger Trail - Amruth Gobi Centre

Places to eat in Mysore

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Manchanabele Dam

Hidden Gem Alert

Perfect spot for bird watching & water activities

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Golden Thrones & Grand Processions

The Mysore Dasara experience

Immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Mysore Dasara as you discover the grandeur of golden thrones and majestic processions, where tradition and opulence intertwine in a vibrant spectacle.

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