Get ready for an adrenaline-packed escape as you dive into the thrilling world of Chennai's premier amusement park, where excitement knows no bounds!


VGP Universal Kingdom

Spread over 44 acres of lush greenery, this theme park is a favorite go-to place for all families. With over 45 rides including adventure sports, an aqua complex, a zoo, and live shows, this kingdom truly lives up to its name.

VGP Snow Kingdom

Chennai’s heat can be scorching and unforgiving. To escape the sun and sweat, head to the cooler climes of VGP Snow Kingdom. The moment you step into this indoor theme park, you get transported to snow-capped hill stations.

MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee World is the crown jewel of Chennai’s amusement parks. No wonder this is the most visited park in Chennai. This theme park has an array of dizzying and breathtaking rides that leave you wanting more.

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Queensland Amusement and Water Park

Spanning an area of 70 acres, Queensland Amusement & Water Park is an adventure seeker’s delight. The park has over 30 rides for adults and 18 rides for children including swimming pools.

Adventure Zone

Set on 11 acres of landscaped area, amidst the verdant countryside, Adventure Zone is where you get your fill for a thrill. This place boasts a 50-foot climbing & rappelling wall, a massive 2,400 sq. ft. swimming pool, and adventure games.

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