Hanle, Ladakh

Where - Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle, Nubra Valley, Shanti Stupa and Pangong Lake

What can you see - the Milky Way, planets, the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia, and the Pole Star. and even a shooting star


Where - Majkhali, Ranikhet, Kedarkantha, Uttarkashi, Munsiari, Pithoragarh

What can you see - Dhruv Tara or the Ursa Major constellation.


Where - Astroport Sariska, Rajasthan

What can you see - Alpha Canis Majoris (Sirus), galaxies, Horsehead Nebula, star clusters, planets, and Moon

Spiti Valley

What can you see - Milkyway galaxy, shooting star, s, meteor shower, Sirus nebula, Big Dipper and Polaris

Where - Dhankar, Nako, Komic Village, Tabo, Langza