Where - Rann of Kutch,

What can you see - light phenomenon of Chir Bhatti (aka Ghost Lights) 6 magnitude stars


Where - Naneghat hill point

What can you see - Jupiter, Saturn, Brightest part of Milky Way,Nebulae, Open Cluster of Stars, Constellations


Where - Mahuli Village, Asangaon

What can you see - galaxies, small nebulae and globular clusters


What can you see - Jupiter and its four Galilean moons, a fuzzy Andromeda galaxy, Pole star & Binary star. Good spot to observe Leonid and Geminid) 

Where - Alexander Point

Dehne Village

What can you see - Beautiful Milky way and Star trails above the dark mountains,  annual Geminids Meteor Showers.

Where - Sahyadri range