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Karnataka, home to some of India's most stunning waterfalls, invites you on a journey of thrilling exploration. Whether it's the roaring Jog Falls or the serene Abbey Falls, the state promises an unparalleled waterfall experience. Tap into your adventurous spirit and embark on this mesmerizing road trip.

Most waterfalls in Karnataka reveal their true splendour during and after the monsoon, from June to September. Experience nature in full bloom and enjoy the cool, refreshing ambience. Remember, the beauty of a waterfall is at its peak when it's in full flow.

best time to visit

Bangalore – Muthyala Maduvu Falls – Chunchi Falls - Shivanasamudra Falls 

Total one-way distance: 188 km Time taken: 5 hours

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Coorg - Abbey Falls - Iruppu Falls - Mallalli Falls 

Total one-way distance: 287 km Time taken: 6-7 hours

Total one-way distance: 213 km Time taken: 6-7 hours

Chikmagalur - Hebbe Falls - Jhari Falls - Kalhatti - Ermai Falls 

Shimoga - Jog Falls - Kunchikal Falls 

Total one-way distance: 223 km Time taken: 6 hours

Murudeshwar - Apsara Konda Falls - Koosalli Falls

Total one-way distance: 116 km Time taken: 2 hours

Total one-way distance: 196 km Time taken: 5 hours

Dandeli - Sathodi Falls - Magod Waterfalls - Anashi Falls

Belgaum - Sundi falls - Godachinamalki falls - Gokak Falls

Total one-way distance: 223 km Time taken: 6 hours

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