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Chennai to Coimbatore - Through the Heart of Tamil Nadu

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Frequently used route

Chennai – Villupuram – Trichy – Dindigul – Coimbatore

510 km

9 hours


Enchanting Pit Stops

Known for its ancient temples and cultural heritage


Home to the famous Ranganathaswamy Temple


Known for its biryani and historical fort


Known for its textile and turmeric production


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Popular for its South Indian snacks

Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Villupuram

Known for its delicious Chettinad cuisine

Hotel Kannappa, Trichy

Offers authentic Kongu dishes

Junior Kuppanna, Erode

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Coimbatore, a city of enterprise and charm, Where modernity blends with cultural warmth. From bustling markets to tranquil nature spots, A dynamic urban tapestry interweaves lots.

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A hilltop temple with scenic views

Marudamalai Temple

Known for its sweet water and scenic location

Siruvani Waterfalls

Showcases the industrial progress of the region

G.D. Naidu Museum

A trekker's paradise

Velliangiri Mountains

Places to visit in and around Coimbatore

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Shree Anandhaas – Famous for its vegetarian fare. That's Y Food – Offers a fusion of global cuisines. The Cascade – Renowned for its Chinese dishes.

Places to eat in Coimbatore

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Isha Yoga Center

Hidden Gem Alert

A peaceful retreat at the foothills of Velliangiri

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Sadhguru, an Indian yogi and author, created the Isha Yoga Center. Sadhguru erected a 112-foot-tall steel statue of Shiva, which is the world’s largest burst sculpture. This location hosts a spectacular celebration during the Mahashivratri festival. There are amazing dancing and music performances, as well as meditation. Visitors can immerse themselves in Sadhguru’s Satsang, which lasts all night.

A look at the lesser known legends of

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