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Chennai to Madurai - A Cultural Voyage

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Frequently used route

Chennai – Tindivanam – Villupuram – Trichy – Madurai

460 km

8 hrs 10 mins


Enchanting Pit Stops

Famous for its ancient rock carvings


The world's second-largest mangrove forest

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Known for its historic temples and monuments


Home to the Ranganathaswamy Temple, a majestic architectural marvel


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For delicious South Indian cuisine

Hotel Aryaas, Villupuram

Traditional meals on banana leaves

Banana Leaf, Trichy

Famous for soft idlis

Murugan Idli Shop, Madurai

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In Madurai, where history's heart beats, Temples and towers in every street. A city where ancient tales are spun, Under the watchful eye of the setting sun.

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A stunning example of Dravidian architecture

Meenakshi Amman Temple

A blend of Dravidian and Rajput styles

Thirumalai Nayak Palace

Dedicated to the life of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Museum

A temple complex with intricate carvings

Alagar Koyil

Places to visit in and around Madurai

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Konar Kadai – Renowned for its kari dosai and mutton dishes. Kumar Mess – A popular spot for non-vegetarian Tamil cuisine. Phil's Bistro – Offers a fusion of Indian and Italian dishes.

Places to eat in Madurai

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Vaigai Dam

Hidden Gem Alert

A picturesque location perfect for a peaceful evening

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Beat the heat with these delicious Indian drinks

Jil Jil Jigarthanda is a popular summer drink from the city of Madurai. The name “Jigarthanda” means “cool heart” in Hindi. And the drink lives up to its name by being extremely refreshing and rejuvenating on a hot summer day. This refreshing summer drinks, along with others in India not only help to quench thirst but also provide relief from the scorching heat.

Summer in a glass

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