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Coimbatore to Ooty - A Serene Climb to the Queen of Hills

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Frequently used route

Coimbatore – Mettupalayam – Coonoor – Ooty

85 km

3 hours


Enchanting Pit Stops

Known for its lush green surroundings


A charming hill station with tea gardens


The highest point in the Nilgiris

Doddabetta Peak

A botanical garden with exotic plants

Sims Park, Coonoor

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Offers good coffee and snacks

Earshot Café, Mettupalayam

Known for Chinese and Tibetan food

Dragon Hill, Coonoor

Fine dining with scenic views

Earl's Secret, Ooty

Grab a Bite


In Ooty's tranquil embrace, where blue hills meet the sky, nature's beauty captivates, leaving hearts to fly high.

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Highest point in the Nilgiris with great views

Doddabetta Peak

A botanical haven with diverse flora

Ooty Botanical Gardens

Lake offering boating experiences

Ooty Lake

A beautiful garden with various rose species

Rose Garden

Viewpoint with stunning valley views

Dolphin’s Nose

Places to visit in and around Ooty

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Sidewalk Cafes – Enjoy local street food and South Indian snacks. Bakeries – Visit for fresh bread, pastries, and Ooty Varkey. Ooty Tea Factory – Savor Nilgiri tea and local snacks.

Places to eat in Ooty

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Hidden Gem Alert

A charming hill station near Ooty with beautiful gardens and viewpoints.

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Lesser known hill stations around


Since the time travelers have been exposed to the beauty of hills, the hilly town of Ooty has always topped the list. The erstwhile colonial settlement evolved into the most sought-after mountainous hamlet in South India. But with time, other settlements evolved and were discovered by adventurous tourists. Yet, very little is known about these scenic locales around Ooty.

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