4 reasons 

you should visit the Siddi Tribe on your next roadtrip around North Karnataka

The Siddi tribe is a descendent of the Bantu populations of Africa, brought to India in 16th century.

Between 40,000 to 50,000 Siddis currently live in India, and have developed their own distinctive culture which is a blend of their African heritage and their Indian home.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to visit this tribe:

This traditional dance form depicts their way of life in the village. With loud drums & repeated lines, the dancers are brightly clothed & decorated with leaves, and their faces are painted.

To witness the Siddi Dhamal


The Siddis of Karnataka are known for their unique style of quilting called kawandi. The process involves taking recycled fabric scraps and arranging them in stylistic geometric patterns

To shop handicrafts like Kawandi


While they currently have very little ties to their African heritage, this society will amaze you because it's an amalgamation of the African and Indian culture.

To better understand the Siddi livelihood


A day spent with this community will give you a memory for a lifetime. Hold a conversation and see how openly the tribe welcomes you. They speak very fluent Kannada, and the tribe is very friendly.

To witness the true sense of diversity & inclusivity 


To know all about the Siddis & how we can help preserve the culture and heritage of this wonderfully diverse community