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Himalayan Odyssey - Delhi to Manali Road Trip Adventure

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Frequently used route

Delhi — Kurukshetra – Chandigarh — Shimla — Naggar — Manali

502.8 km

10 hr 20 mins


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Enchanting Pit Stops

Tour the historic battlefield of Panipat


Visit the tranquil Brahma Sarovar


Glimpse the Bhakra-Nagal Dam


Famous for Prashar Lake and Rewalsar Lake


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Highway side family restaurant

Haveli, Murthal, Haryana

Popular and busy highway-side eatery

Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat

Family-owned old dhaba famous

Pooran Singh Da Dhaba

Grab a Bite


Manali, where whispers of the Himalayas meet the sky, A symphony of rivers, forests, and peaks so high. A tranquil paradise where spirits freely fly, In Manali's embrace, nature's magic never says goodbye

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An ancient wooden temple amidst cedar forests

Hadimba Temple

For adventure sports like paragliding and skiing

Solang Valley

A scenic waterfall offering a moderate trek

Jogini Falls

Bohemian lanes with cafes and boutiques

Old Manali

Natural springs believed to have healing properties

Vashisht Hot Springs

Places to visit in and around Manali

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Chopsticks - Fusion of Tibetan, Indian, and Chinese cuisines. Lazy Dog, Manu Temple Road - Laid-back vibe with many food options. Café Nirvana, Old Manali - Cozy ambiance with delicious international cuisine.

Places to eat in Manali

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Naggar Castle

Hidden Gem Alert

An ancient fort with stunning views

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Reliving '3 Idiots' from Delhi to Manali

Bollywood's Trail

Embark on a cinematic journey tracing '3 Idiots' from Delhi to Manali, where the iconic bride-chasing scene unfurled. This route offers a mix of adventure and stunning landscapes, capturing the essence of Bollywood's beloved road trip escapades. Explore the vibrant streets of Delhi and venture into Manali's scenic beauty, reliving the movie's memorable moments along the way.

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