Dharavi's Thriving Industries

Leather Legacy

Did you know that Dharavi is a hub for leather goods? From high-quality handbags to stylish jackets, Dharavi's leather industry crafts products that find their way into markets around the world.

Amidst its narrow lanes, Dharavi holds one of the largest plastic recycling industries in India. It’s not just about repurposing; it's a testament to Dharavi's commitment to sustainability.

Recycling Giants

The art of wax printing is alive and kicking in Dharavi. Fabrics adorned with intricate designs, a result of this traditional technique, are highly sought after both domestically and internationally.

Prints That Impress

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Every city has its foundation, and in many ways, the aluminum brick-making industries of Dharavi provide the literal foundation for numerous constructions across Mumbai.

Sturdy Structures

Pottery making units in Dharavi are a fusion of tradition and talent. From delicate decorative pieces to robust utensils, the potters here mold magic with their hands.

Clay and Craftsmanship

Weaving dreams into reality, Dharavi's textile industry produces a spectrum of products ranging from everyday wear to specialty fabrics, catering to diverse markets.

Textile Titans

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