India beyond cricket

Discover India's thrilling regional sports

Kambala - Karnataka

Kambala in Karnataka is a traditional buffalo race held annually in the districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi.

Jallikattu - Tamil Nadu

Jallikattu, a bull-taming contest in Tamil Nadu, is celebrated during Pongal where participants aim to grab flags from bulls.

Dhopkhel - Assam

Dhopkhel, a team-based ball game from Assam, is played during the Bihu festival, requiring agility and teamwork.

Yubi Lakpi - Manipur

Yubi Lakpi, often called Manipuri rugby, involves teams competing to snatch a coconut on a 45-meter pitch.

Insuknawr - Mizoram

In Mizoram's Insuknawr, two competitors use rods to push each other out of a circle, testing strength and balance.

Vallam Kali - Kerala

Vallam Kali, known as the snake boat race in Kerala, features longboats racing during the Onam festival.

Pehalwani - Across India

Pehalwani, an ancient form of wrestling in India, is known for developing strength and technique in training schools called Akhadas.

Kho Kho - Maharashtra

Kho Kho, originating from Maharashtra, involves teams alternating between chasing and evading, relying on speed and strategy.

Kabaddi - Across India

Kabaddi is a team sport where players alternate between raiding and defending, trying to tag out opponents without taking a breath.

Thang Ta - Manipur

Thang Ta, a Manipuri martial art, combines elements of ritual, demonstration, and combat, using traditional weapons.

Rural Olympics - Punjab

The Rural Olympics in Punjab's Kila Raipur features traditional and unconventional sports, drawing large crowds every February.

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