Discover the unsolved mysteries of Masroor Rock Cut Temple

Masroor Rock Cut Temple, nestled in Himachal's Kangra Valley, is an 8th-century marvel. The temple, with its mysterious origins, presents a treasure trove of tales waiting to be unveiled.

Its mysterious origins

The exact origins of Masroor Rock Cut Temple remain shrouded in mystery. With the absence of inscriptions and any substantial written Masroor temple history, the origins of these temples leave historians both intrigued and baffled.

Pandavas' stairway to heaven

It's believed that during their exile, the Pandavas began constructing a stairway intending to reach heaven. However, Indra, alarmed by this audacious endeavour, tricked them into stopping their work before dawn, resulting in the staircase remaining forever incomplete.

Due to the rugged terrain surrounding the temple, direct vehicle access may not be possible. Be prepared to park your vehicle at a distance and hike to the temple. You can book a Savaari with a local driver to take you there, park the car a bit away, and stay there while you do your worship.

Ancient resilience against calamities

The 1905 Kangra earthquake brought devastation to many historical sites. Masroor, while significantly affected, stood testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship of its builders. Its inherent monolithic architecture showcased a level of resilience that's rare.

Echoes of a lost civilization

Caves and ruins around Masroor whisper tales of a once-bustling community. These remnants suggest that the region wasn't just home to the temple but also a thriving community in Masroor.

Geological Marvel

Beyond its cultural and historical significance, Masroor is also a geological wonder. The rock formations from which the temples emerge date back millions of years.

Unique Himalayan presence

India is home to several magnificent rock-cut temples, like those in Ellora and Mahabalipuram. However, what sets Masroor apart is its strategic hilltop location in the mighty Himalayas.

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