An unexpected discovery of India's favorite tea

The emperor's discovery

In ancient China, an emperor stumbles upon a destiny-changing leaf in his boiling water. This accidental brew whispers of longevity and health, captivating an empire.

In Search of Liquid Gold

Centuries later, Britain's insatiable thirst for tea leads them on a quest. When conflicts with China threaten their supply, their eyes turn towards distant lands.

Assam's Hidden Treasure

In the lush greenery of Assam, a serendipitous discovery awaits: wild tea plants. Britain's problem finds an unexpected solution in India's rich soil.

Transforming Landscapes

Soon, Assam's hills roll with endless tea gardens. The British established vast plantations, reshaping the land and its people with every planted seed.

Spreading the Brew

The British introduced tea across India, using railways to spread this newfound delight. From free samples at stations to household staple, tea becomes a symbol of hospitality.

Chai - A National Affair

Today, India isn't just a tea grower, but a tea lover. Each cup is a nod to a rich, intertwined history. In every sip, stories of emperors, distant lands, and transformation linger.

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