Forget Japan, here's how you can experience Cherry Blossom in India

While cherry blossom trees bloom in the spring throughout the world, Meghalaya’s capital Shillong wears the dainty colours of cherry blossoms in the fall, transforming the East Khasi Hills into a floral wonderland.

The symbolism behind cherry blossoms

In Buddhism, the cherry blossom signifies the fleeting nature of life. The flowers have also been linked to the attractiveness of a young woman.  

Hanami Traditions from Kyoto to Shillong

During the Heian Period (794–1185), Emperor Saga, Japan’s 52nd emperor, established the custom of hanami parties in the Imperial Court in Kyoto.

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Blooms and beats - three-day extravaganza

Shillong will be celebrating the Cherry Blossom Festival from November 17-19 at RBDSA Sports Complex, Madan Kurkalang, Bhoirymbong to commemorate seasonal blossoming and indulge in leisure.

Shillong's musical affair under the blossoms

Prepare for a musical feast as Ronan Keating, Ne-Yo, Sanam, Jonas Blue, and Korean indie rock band SURL grace the stage, accompanied by a lineup of other talented performers and exciting contests.

A multi-sensory celebration 

From karaoke showdowns to graffiti artistry, pageants, calisthenics, and choir competitions – the festival promises an eclectic blend of entertainment.

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