December delight

Indian festivals to look forward to

Hornbill Festival

Named after the hornbill, a culturally significant bird embodying fidelity, beauty, and grace in Naga folklore, uniting 16 Naga tribes for a celebration of culture, music, and dance

Dates: December 1-10 Location: Nagaland

A celebration of devotion & dance

Poush Mela

Poush Mela is a window into the heart of Shantiniketan, a place closely associated with Rabindranath Tagore. The festival reflects the poet's vision of harmonious coexistence with nature and the celebration of rural life.

Dates: December 23-26 Location: Shantiniketan, West Bengal

A cultural ode

Konark Festival

Konark Festival is one of the contemporary celebrations of Odisha. Many cultural activities and performances take place in the Natyashala stage.

Dates: December 1-5 Location: Odisha

Odisha's cultural canvas

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Feast of Francis Xavier

This is an annual feast, during which the mummified body of Francis Xavier is kept on display inside the Basilica in Goa.

Dates: December 3 Location: Goa

Goa's spiritual and cultural gala

Magnetic Fields Festival

This camping festival takes place for three days and it is open for all budding artists to stage their performances. You can find musical gigs, workshops, buffets, adventure sports, and others.

Dates: December 15-17 Location: Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

Rajasthan's artistic oasis

Kurukshetra Festival

Kurukshetra is the renowned battlefield where the epic Mahabharata battle took place. Starting from music recital to drama, many cultural activities are performed to stage stories.

Dates: December 22 Location: Kurukshetra, Haryana

Retelling the Mahabharata


Though Christmas is celebrated all over India, spend it this year in Bow Barracks, the only place in the world where Santa Claus arrives in a rickshaw.

Dates: December 25 Location: Bow Barracks, West Bengal

Rickshaw jingle bells

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