5 reasons you should take a 10-day Himachal Pradesh road trip with

1. Bask in the scenery without any stress

Road trips are to laze around. Unwind while our driver navigates through the tricky roads of Himachal Pradesh.

Having a local with you while in Himachal ensures that you always know amazing stories and interesting facts that sometimes even Google has to take a back seat.

2. Enjoy the company of a walking Wikipedia 

With Savaari, there is no need to book cabs every time you have to go out and still worry about getting it. Book a Savaari once and enjoy the whole trip.

3. One booking, multiple stops

Go paragliding, skiing and even trekking and our drivers will meet you directly at the end spot of your adventure, ready to take you towards the next one.

4. Let loose and live in the moment

Customise your own itinerary (or take help from our ready made ones) and stop wherever you want and soak in the complete experience.

5. You don't have to worry about creating an itinerary

Click here to check out our Himachal Pradesh itinerary for inspiration for your next road trip.

in Himachal Pradesh to explore this highway to heaven

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