‘Hold My Ladoo’: Diwali Tales You Didn't See Coming

Rama's Grand Return: Think You Know The Full Story?

Venture to ancient Ayodhya, where Prince Rama endures 14 years of exile. The tale unfolds with Sita's abduction, Rama's relentless quest, and the defeat of the demon king Ravana. As the city of Ayodhya lights up, we celebrate the triumph of good over evil and welcome Rama, Sita, and Lakshman home.

Lakshmi's Rebirth: Did The Milky Ocean Keep A Secret?

The world plunged into darkness when the goddess of fortune, Lakshmi, left the divine realm for the milky ocean. Discover how gods churned the vast ocean to retrieve her, and upon her radiant rebirth, homes and hearts light up every Diwali night, welcoming prosperity anew.

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Narakasura's Downfall: Southern Diwali Drama You Didn't See Coming!

In the South, the narrative takes a twist. Narakasura, a demon with a boon, believed he was invincible. But love and destiny had other plans. The demon wounded Krishna, only to be slain by Satyabhama, Krishna's wife and Narakasura's own mother reincarnated. Instead of mourning, he wished for celebration, adding vibrant hues to Diwali.

King Bali’s Day Out: Is One Day Really Enough?

Bali, the mighty king who once ruled all realms, was outsmarted by Vishnu in a dwarf avatar. With three steps, Vishnu took over Bali's kingdoms and sent him to the netherworld. Yet, Bali's nobility earned him a day on earth. Diwali celebrates his brief visit, a day of his just reign.

Pandavas' Comeback: Were The Lamps The Real MVP?

A game of dice, deceit, and 12 years in exile. The Pandava brothers faced it all. As they returned to their beloved city, the streets gleamed with lamps, signifying the end of their hardships. This heartwarming welcome became a Diwali tradition, symbolizing the victory of right over wrong.

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