October's Ode

Indian festivals to look forward to


Celebrate nine nights of devotion and dance. Witness fasting rituals in the North and vibrant fiestas in Gujarat.

Dates: October 15-24 Location: Gujarat

A celebration of devotion & dance

Durga Puja

Immerse in the grand celebrations of Durga Puja. Experience pandal hopping, extravagant feasting, and divine worship. 

Dates: October 20-24 Location: West Bengal

A grand Bengali celebration

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Celebrate Bathukamma, a vibrant floral festival, with unique rituals, seasonal flowers, and special offerings.

Dates: October 14 - 23 Location: Telangana

Floral fiesta

Rajasthan Folk Festival

Experience the artistic melody of traditions at Jodhpur RIFF in Mehrangarh Fort, a UNESCO-supported platform for creativity.

Dates: October 26 - 30 Location: Rajasthan

A melody of traditions

Tawang Festival

Revel in Tawang Festival's cultural tapestry with traditional performances, tribal dance, exhibitions, and unique shopping experiences.

Dates: October 26 - 29 Location: Arunachal Pradesh

A cultural extravaganza

Yemshe Festival

Celebrated by Nagaland's Pochury tribe, Yemshe Festival marks harvest, uniting Pochuries to honor hard work with joy.

Dates: October 5 Location: Nagaland

Harvest joy

Mysore Dasara

Mysore Dasara illuminates Mysore Palace, showcasing Karnataka's culture through dance, music, and a vibrant procession of decorated elephants and camels.

Dates: October 15 - 24 Location: Karnataka

Royal radiance

Karni Mata Festival

Bikaner's unique Karni Mata Festival celebrates rats as divine, featuring special rituals, decorations, and a fair around the distinctive temple.

Dates: October 23 Location: Rajasthan

Divine rodents

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