The Harrapan route

A road trip through the Indus Valley sites of Gujarat

Ahmedabad to Lothal

Start your Indus Valley Civilization road trip from Ahmedabad, situated a mere 80 km southwest of the city, and be transported back over 4500 years to the ancient site of Lothal. On the verge of being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lothal boasts the world's oldest known artificial dock.

The start of a historical journey

Distance - 78.2 km Time taken - 1 hr 27 min

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Lothal to Rangpur

Rangpur is the first site to be re-excavated post-independence, suspected to be a Harappan outpost. This site provides crucial insights into the region's Harappan migration patterns and settlements.

Rangpur’s Harappan legacy

Distance - 44.1 km Time taken - 51 min 

Rangpur to Surkotada

Surkotada, an intriguing chapter in the Harappan narrative, offers unique insights into the civilization's architectural and societal advancements. One of the most significant findings at Surkotada is the discovery of horse remains dating back to 2000 BCE.

Uncovering a Harappan stronghold

Distance - 204.1 km Time taken - 4 hr 8 min 

Surkotada to Dholavira

Leaving the site of Surkotada, your next destination in this journey through time is Dholavira, renowned as one of the five largest Indus Valley sites. One of the most intriguing aspects of Dholavira is Dholavira Signboard, which is the world's oldest known signboard.

One of the largest Indus Valley Sites

Distance - 108.9 km Time taken - 2 hr 32 min

Dholavira to Gola Dhoro

Archaeologists found large blackware storage jars, indicating involvement in overseas commerce. These vessels were likely used for transporting goods to Magan (present-day Oman), hinting at the settlement's extensive trade networks.

A lesser-known Harappan site

Distance - 60.3 km Time taken - 1 hr 21 min 

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