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Jodhpur to Jaisalmer - A Desert Odyssey through Rajasthan's Golden City

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Frequently used route

Jodhpur – Osian – Phalodi – Pokhran – Jaisalmer

280 km

5 hours


Enchanting Pit Stops

Known for its historic temples and sand dunes


Famous for its havelis and architecture


A town with historical significance


An abandoned village with a mysterious past


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Famous for its crispy samosas

Shahi Samosa, Jodhpur

Offers traditional Rajasthani cuisine

Hotel Payal, Osian

Known for its vegetarian dishes

Shri Sai Veg Restaurant, Jaisalmer

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In Jaisalmer, where the sands glow like gold, A city of forts and tales, ancient and bold. The Golden City, with stories to be told, In this desert realm, history's treasures unfold.

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A majestic fort rising from the desert

Jaisalmer Fort

A cluster of ornate havelis

Patwon Ki Haveli

A desert safari and camping destination

Sam Sand Dunes

A serene oasis in the desert

Gadisar Lake

Places to visit in and around Jaisalmer

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The Trio – Offers a variety of cuisines in a rooftop setting. Desert Boy's Dhani – Known for traditional Rajasthani food. Kebabs & Curry, Jaisalmer – A popular spot for North Indian dishes.

Places to eat in Jaisalmer

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Gyan Bhandar

Hidden Gem Alert

This library houses a collection of ancient manuscripts, jewel-encrusted images and divine artefacts of the Jain tradition.

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Unfolding the Haunting Mysteries of


Haunted locales and their centuries-old stories have piqued people’s interest and curiosity. Seventeen kilometres from Jaisalmer is the town of Kuldhara, which was formerly prosperous but is now in ruins. The haunting settlement has been abandoned since the early nineteenth century.

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