A Complete Travel Guide

Nestled next to the Khasi Hills, Mawsynram is renowned for being the wettest place on earth. From camping and offbeat treks, this town has something for everyone, making it a must-visit for every tourist heading to Meghalaya.

Things to do: - Take a leisurely stroll   around the village to get  a glimpse of the local life  - Witness a football match   near the Church of God - Don’t miss the market   day as it can be an   unforgettable sensory   experience - Try the typical Khasi   snack Pusaw – steamed   rice cake with orange   rind with Shasaw (local   red tea)

Places to visit in Mawsynram

- Mawsmai Caves - Mawsmai Falls - Nohalikalai Falls - Maywyngbna - Mawjymbuin Cave - Krem Dam Cave

Mawsynram for Nature Lovers

- Zip-lining at   Mawlyngbna - Trekking to the Khreng   Khreng viewpoint - Spelunking at the   gorgeous Mawsmai   caves

Mawsynram for Adventure Lovers

- Sincera Restaurant for   delicious local food - Rit Mawksir Café and   Lodge for dinner with   a breathtaking view

Mawsynram for Foodies

If you are contemplating a visit to this magical town, then here is a quick guide to help you plan your trip.