Sarafa Bazaar- Food you cannot miss

You have to visit Indore to try the food there!

Bhutte ki kees

Grated sweet corn spiced with mustard seeds, reddish, asafoetida and other spices. The sweetness of the corn enriched with the spicy, tangy tastes of the Indian spices is almost like a dream.


The sweetness in the yams with the spice from the special Garadu masala and the tang from the lemon. Together, it is a tiny bowl of happiness.

Indori Malai

This is a special Indore beverage made only from coconut water, sugar and coconut cream (malai). It is super healthy and even more refreshing.

Cheese/ Paneer Tokri Chaat

Sarafa Bazaar is the hub of experimental street food. They have come up with this wonder of Tokri (basket) Chaat with a twist of grated cheese or Paneer.

Dahi Bada

The “Flying Dahi Badas” At the Joshi Dahi Bada House is very famous and gained popularity due to its interesting preparation that involves a lot of throwing and catching of the dahi bada. 

After a long hard day of shopping, keep all your things in your Savaari, while you relish the real taste of Indian street food.