A Complete travel guide

Somewhere between the colonial French influence and the quirks of modern civilization, the quaint coastal town of Pondicherry is trapped.

 - Explore the exotic avifauna at Osudu Lake  - Try out all kinds of water sports at Karaikal Beach - Visit the Cluny Embroidery Center  - Don’t miss a SCUBA trip at the Temple Reef  - Find inner peace at Sri Aurobindo Ashram  - Take a boat ride at Paradise Beach Island

Things to do:

Places to visit in Pondicherry

- French War Memorial - Statue Of Dupleix - Ananda Ranga Pillai   House - Gingee Fort - Eglise De Notre Dame   Des Anges - Pondicherry Museum - Paradise Beach Island

Pondicherry for the history lovers:

- Auroville Beach - Promenade Beach - Paradise Beach - Serenity Beach - Mahe Beach - Karaikal Beach - Quiet Beach - Reppo Beach - The Plage Paradiso Beach

Pondicherry for the beach bums:

- Ziplining at Thrill Valley - Bungee Jumping at Pogoland - Canoeing at Karaikal Beach - Windsurfing at Paradise Beach - Scuba diving at Temple Adventures Centre

Pondicherry for the adventurers:

- Surguru Restaurant - Baker Street, Bussy Street - Villa Shanti, Suffren Street - Café Des Art, Suffren Street - Coromandel Café, Romain Rolland Street - La Maison Rose, Romain Rolland Street - Le Café 

Pondicherry for the foodies:

Check out this handy travel guide to embark on a Franco-Tamil Heritage trail.