Timeless Treasures

Rare Indian souvenirs to shop

Indian souvenirs offer a diverse range of traditional handicrafts and products that showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage. So, let’s dive in and uncover the beauty of India’s souvenirs.

Thanjavur Paintings

Tamil Nadu

A traditional South Indian art form that features rich colours and intricate gold leaf embellishments.

Budithi Brassware

Andhra Pradesh

Handcrafted brass items with unique designs made in the village of Budithi.

Naga Shawls


Exquisite handwoven shawls with intricate designs and patterns, originating from Nagaland.

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Madhubani Paintings


Folk art paintings with vibrant colours depict stories from Indian mythology and folklore, originating from Bihar.

Channapatna Toys


Colourful and eco-friendly wooden toys, known for their whimsical designs and craftsmanship, originating from Karnataka.

Dhokra Art


Handcrafted metal casting technique dating back to ancient times, originating from Jharkhand.



Intricately detailed scroll paintings that depict mythological tales and local legends, originating from Odisha.

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