Reasons to skip Holi this year. Tap at your own risk!

Step outside during Holi, and you're in a world more colorful than rainbows. Color powders and water guns everywhere, turning you into a living artwork.  If being too vibrant is a crime, then Holi is the festival's most wanted.

Holi is too colorful to handle

Consider yourself warned: the Holi folk songs are so melodious, they'll haunt your Spotify playlists for months. Between the rhythmic beats of dholaks and the harmonious melodies, you might find yourself accidentally enjoying life more. 

You'll have to listen to addictive tunes

Thinking of sipping on some Bhang? Prepare to ride the wave of euphoria that'll have you laughing at your own jokes. Skip it, unless you're ready for a day filled with joy and a newfound love for everything.

Bhang might lead to excessive joy

With irresistible beats that keep your feet moving, you might just dance your way to exhaustion. Consider staying in if the thought of joyfully tiring yourself out to fantastic music sounds too much like fun. 

You will have to dance your way to exhaustion

Savaari's drivers are like secret agents for your Holi adventure, guiding you to the top spots for celebrations. These skilled guides stealthily take you to hidden gems around the city for the ultimate Holi experience, and even offer a safe haven to escape from your color-soaked friends.

Beware of the gujiya, a sweet fried dumpling that's a Trojan horse of calories. Stuffed with dried fruits and thickened milk, this Holi delicacy is deceitfully delicious. Avoid at all costs, unless you're willing to taste heaven at the expense of a few extra laps around the park.

Your diet plans will be ruined

Engage in Holi's playful combat at your own risk, for it's a battlefield where friendships are forged in the fires of colour wars and water fights. If you're not looking to make lasting memories with new friends, maybe stay away. Holi brings people together like no other.

The risk of forming eternal friendships

Choosing where to celebrate Holi can be tough with so many great places—from the playful Lathmar Holi in Barsana to the regal festivities in Udaipur and to the underrated celebrations in Hampi—deciding where to celebrate is the real challenge. Avoid the festival to spare yourself the impossible task of choosing one magical experience over another.

Too many celebrations, just one day of Holi! 

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