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Neanderthals and the surprising roots of Rajasthan's bone carving

Rajasthan's horn and bone carving - A timeless legacy

Horn and bone carving in Rajasthan is a time-honoured tradition, with roots that are deeply entrenched in the region's history. They are also a nod to an ancient form of expression that predates human beings, with roots going back 51,000 years.

Pre-historic origins

Recent discoveries suggest that Neanderthals, too, had a flair for creativity, leaving behind bone carvings as early as 51,000 years ago, with radiocarbon dating backing up these claims.

Beyond souvenirs

It's unlikely that these early humans were trading these items as souvenirs; they might have been exploring their artistic abilities or perhaps gifting these crafted pieces to their partners.

Mesolithic connections

This ancient practice has been woven into the fabric of human history, with evidence of bone jewellery accompanying the dead in their final resting places during the Mesolithic period.

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Generational craft

The environment of Rajasthan, with its pastoral and nomadic roots, has long necessitated the wise use of all resources, including the remains of livestock which are central to their way of life.

Time-honored techniques

Local artisans utilized every part of the animals integral to their way of life, from domesticated cows and buffaloes to the camels that are emblematic of the region.

Tribute to tradition

The bones, collected respectfully from animals that have died naturally, are transformed through a series of intricate procedures, to make it a fixture of grandeur through the ages.

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