Sweets you shouldn't miss this Christmas season

Nevries are a symbol of Goan Christmas celebrations. These crescent-shaped delights, with their cardamom-flavored filling of coconut, cashews, and raisins, represent a blend of Indian flavors and Portuguese influences. They're a festive treat that's not too sweet, perfect for savoring slowly.

The Joyful Crescents - Nevries

Location -  Indulge in authentic Nevries at Vas Bakery, known for its traditional Goan sweets, in the heart of Mangalore.

Kul-Kuls, tiny sugary delights, embody the joy of Christmas in India. Their unique shape, reminiscent of miniature curled pastries, and their sweet, crunchy texture make them irresistible. A legacy of the Portuguese in India, Kul-Kuls are a testament to the country's rich culinary fusion.

The Sweet Curls - Kul-Kuls

Location - Experience the best Kul-Kuls at St. Joseph’s Bakery in Mapusa, where traditional recipes meet festive cheer.

Bebinca, with its multi-layered goodness, is a Christmas masterpiece. Each layer of this pudding is carefully baked to create a harmonious blend of coconut milk, sugar, and flour. It's a luxurious dessert that reflects the culinary sophistication of Goa and its Portuguese heritage.

The Queen of Goan Desserts - Bebinca

Location - La Confiserie Bakery in Candolim is renowned for its authentic Bebinca, where each layer tells a story of tradition.

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Bolinhas, or coconut cookies, are more than just treats – they're a bite of Goan Christmas nostalgia. Their rich coconut and semolina base, flavored with a hint of cardamom, create a delicate texture that dissolves in your mouth, leaving a taste of sweet, aromatic bliss.

Coconut Bliss - Bolinhas

Location - Dom Pedros in Margao is the go-to place for fresh, homemade Bolinhas, a true taste of Goan Christmas.

Guava Cheese, a unique confection, blends the tropical flavor of guava with a dense, cheese-like texture. It's a creative sweet that showcases the innovative spirit of Indian Christmas cuisine, where local ingredients meet festive traditions.

The Fudgy Delight - Guava Cheese

Location - Relish this fusion at Vienna Bakery in Santacruz, Mumbai, a hub for traditional and innovative sweets.

Rose Cookies, known locally as Achappam, are a delightfully crisp, sweet snack. Made with a batter of rice flour and coconut milk, they are deep-fried to golden perfection. Their delicate, floral design is not just beautiful but adds an extra crunch.

Crispy Traditions - Rose Cookies

Location - Sample these crispy wonders at Supreme Bakers in Kochi, where tradition meets taste in every bite.

The Plum Cake is a rich, dense cake brimming with the flavors of dried fruits, nuts, and spices, soaked in rum or brandy. This indulgent cake is a colonial legacy that has become a staple of Indian Christmas celebrations, symbolizing the joy and richness of the season.

The Festive Classic - Christmas Plum Cake

Location - Mambally Royal Biscuit Factory in Thalassery is the birthplace of India’s first Christmas Plum Cake

Sticky Rice Cakes are a Christmas specialty in Northeast India. Their chewy texture and mild sweetness make them a unique festive treat.

Sticky Delight - Sticky Rice Cakes

Location - Try them at Popular Bakery, Kohima, Nagaland.

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