The Lost City of Muziris in Kerala

Muziris was a historic trade center connecting central and eastern India.

Muziris thrived on trading spices, sandalwood, gems, and ivory, earning accolades as "the first emporium of India" from ancient Romans.

Rich Trade History

In today's India, no physical traces of Muziris remain, leaving only historical texts and archaeological clues about its grandeur.

Lost to Time

From 3000 BC, global traders from Babylon, Assyria, and Egypt were drawn here for India's exotic spices.

Ancient Global Marketplace

Cultural Melting Pot

A bustling port where Greeks, Romans, Jews, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, and British merged paths, weaving Muziris into global trade maps.

The Pepper Kingdom

Known as the "Pepper Kingdom," Muziris was pivotal in global trade, dealing in black pepper, gold, fish sauce, ceramics, and horses.

Catastrophic Decline

In 1341 CE, a massive flood and earthquake reshaped the Periyar River, erasing Muziris from maps.

Kodungallur: Modern Connection

Kodungallur, believed to be Muziris, played a significant role in international trade and the entry of major religions into India.

Archaeological Insights at Pattanam

Nearby Pattanam reveals Muziris's history through Roman artifacts and evidence of advanced urban planning and global commerce links.

The site has yielded a wide variety of Roman artifacts, including amphorae (large ceramic jars used for transporting oil, wine, and other goods), Roman coins, beads, and pottery fragments.

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