Unveiling the secrets of Guruvayur Temple and its flash marriages

Divine Love Stories - Krishna and Kalyana Krishnan

The Guruvayur Temple is dedicated to Guruvayurappan, a form of Vishnu popularly known as Krishna, and is often referred to as the "Dwarka of the South." Lord Krishna wed 16,008 wives, and he's affectionately known as Kalyana Krishnan. He's believed to find joy in witnessing countless marriages without ever getting bored.

Vaikunda on Earth - Marital Bliss at Guruvayur Temple

It is believed that a wedding conducted at Guruvayur Temple, often referred to as the Vaikunda on Earth, the highest realm above the fourteen lokas (worlds), where the devotees of Vishnu go upon achieving liberation, would lead to a long marital life.

Flash marriages - Guruvayur's express nuptials

In Guruvayur, weddings are often a whirlwind affair. The crucial moment of tying the "thaali," a symbolic necklace, lasts a mere two minutes, and on days with multiple weddings happening simultaneously, it can be quite a challenge to catch every moment.

Bride swap blunders - Wedding confusion galore

On auspicious days, Guruvayur witnesses 50 to 100 weddings, but during peak times, this number can soar to over 200 weddings in a single day.  In one memorable incident, a bride even exchanged garlands with the wrong person, leading to a tense situation and legal action.

Post-COVID - A New Chapter for Guruvayur Weddings

Couples can now enjoy a more relaxed "thaalikettu" or tying of the mangalsutra ceremony, thanks to district authorities capping the number of daily marriages at 60 after the historic temple's reopening.

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