These things only happen in India

When frogs say "I do"

In parts of India like Assam, frogs are married to appease rain gods, a unique tradition reflecting deep cultural beliefs.

The fire-walking festival of devotion 

Thimithi is a festival when devotees in Tamil Nadu courageously walk across fiery coal pits to honor Draupadi, showcasing their unwavering faith and dedication.

Matriarchal majesty - The Khasi society

In Meghalaya's Khasi community, one of the world's last matrilineal societies, lineage and property pass through women, upending traditional norms.

Sanctuary of the sacred rats - Karni Mata Temple

At Karni Mata Temple, worshippers feed sacred rats, believing in receiving blessings through this unusual act of reverence.

The wedding mix-up - Bride swaps in a temple

In Guruvayur, Kerala, where 242 weddings were conducted daily, chaotic mix-ups led to instances where brides exchanged garlands with the wrong grooms, leading to tense situations and legal action.

Where women breastfeed animals

A mother's love knows no difference when it comes to feeding children. In Jodhpur, the Bishnoi community extends their maternal care to animals, symbolizing their profound respect for all living beings.

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