This is how your day unfolds in Asia's cleanest village

Trek to the Jingmaham Living Root Bridge

- A unique natural marvel where roots of ancient trees form sturdy bridges. - Trek through lush forests and discover the intricate root formations.

Climb up the Bamboo Watch Tower

- Gain a panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes. - Enjoy breathtaking views of Bangladesh plains and the lush green hills.

Visit the Church of Epiphany

- A serene and historic church in the heart of Mawlynnong  - Admire the colonial architecture and peaceful ambiance.

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Walk on the Balancing Rock

- Witness the natural wonder of a large rock balanced on a smaller one. - A geological marvel and a popular spot for photographs.

Explore Mawlynnong Village

- Stroll through the cleanest village in Asia. - See the well-maintained gardens, bamboo dustbins, and eco-friendly practices.

Savor Local Cuisine

- Enjoy traditional Khasi dishes prepared with fresh local ingredients. - Try dishes like Jadoh, Dohneiiong, and Tungrymbai.

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