Things you will only find in Odisha's tribal haats

Ant chutney

In Odisha's tribal haats, discover the unusual and nutritious Ant Chutney, a culinary gem. This unique dish, celebrated by chef Gordon Ramsay, blends red weaver ants with local spices, offering a tangy, protein-rich treat exclusive to these markets.

Master chef-approved tribal treats

Mahua liquor

Odisha's tribal haats present Mahua liquor, hailed by experts as India's answer to tequila. Crafted from fermented mahua flowers, this mildly intoxicating drink is a cultural treasure, served in traditional leaf cups.

Boozy tribal tequila


Step into the raw, unfiltered world of tribal cockfights at Odisha's haats. Unlike anything else, these events captivate with their intense, culturally significant battles. Amidst local brews and lively crowds, witness a tradition that has been a part of tribal life for generations.

The feathered gladiators of the rings

Tribal trendsetters

Odisha's tribal haats are the exclusive showcase for Bonda Tribe fashion. Admire their distinct style: metal necklaces, beaded headgear, colorful Ringa skirts, and intricately adorned shaven heads.

The handicrafts of  Bonda tribe

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