Tirupati Temple

The epicenter of a multi-billion hair industry

Ever imagined that the luscious locks of a Hollywood star might be from an Indian temple? In 2022, India's hair exports hit an impressive 6300 crores, and much of it came from Tirupati temple's age-old hair donation tradition.

Legend has it that Princess Padmavathi vowed to offer her hair to Lord Venkateswara for protection from bandits. Her act started a centuries-old ritual of hair donation.

Every day, 35,000 devotees donate hair, amassing 500 kg daily. Hair at Tirupati is cleaned, dried, and graded by length and color in a TTD warehouse. Around 650 trained barbers, including 60 women, shave 60 heads in a six-hour shift.

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This high-quality hair, cherished for its natural strength and chemical-free maintenance by Indians, is auctioned, bringing in 10 to 15 crores monthly for the Balaji trust.

While Hollywood might love these locks, men's hair is used in coat linings and even in food flavoring and pharmaceuticals.

Beyond hair tonsuring, the temple offers serene beauty, divine blessings and the famed Tirupati Laddoo, a sweet treat with a unique geographical indication tag.

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