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From Sangam City to the City of Nawabs - A Cultural Drive from Allahabad to Lucknow

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Frequently used route

Allahabad - Pratapgarh - Raebareli - Lucknow

200 km

5 hrs


Enchanting Pit Stops

A popular stop with multiple eateries

Bharat Mata  Temple, Raebareli

Has more than 250 species of birds

Samaspur Bird Sanctuary

Offers amazing water slides and a rain floor

Diamond Aqua Park

100 amazing fish species procured from all over the world

Ganga Aquarium, Lucknow

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For their chicken and mutton curry

Mama Dhaba, Phaphamau

Pack some delicious sweets for the trip

Raman Hotel, Moradabad

For a meal with friends and family

S. S Restaurant & Dhaba, Khairhani

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In Lucknow, where Gomti flows, A city of Nawabs, as history shows. In its streets, tales of grandeur glow, Where heritage and culture bestow.

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A historic architectural marvel

Bara Imambara

An exquisite example of Mughal architecture

Chota Imambara

The iconic gateway to the heart of Lucknow

Rumi Darwaza

The shopping street that never sleeps


Built by the Nawab rulers, now an office of Drug Research Institute

Chattar Manzil

Places to visit in and around Lucknow

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Tunday Kababi – Legendary for its kebabs. Dastarkhwan – Renowned for its rich Mughlai cuisine. Royal Café – Famous for its basket chaat.

Places to eat in Lucknow

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Hidden Gem Alert

A colonial-era site with historical significance

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