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Journey of souls - Exploring the spiritual path from Allahabad to Varanasi

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Frequently used route

Allahabad – Jhusi – Gopiganj – Bikapur – Lakhanpur - Varanasi

120 km

2 hr 30 mins


Enchanting Pit Stops

Built by Emperor Akbar in the 16th Century

Prayagraj Fort

Stop by at the holiest site for Hindus

Triveni Sangam

Witness the legends of King Haribong

Ulta Qila, Jhusi

The site from where Goddess Sita entered earth


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For a meal of good Mughlai food

Tandoori Night Mughlai Restaurant

Popular for its Vegetarian food

Naivedhyam Vegetarian Restaurant

Famous for its buttery dosas

Sri Ramu Sweets and Dosa Corner

Grab a Bite


In Varanasi's sacred folds, ancient echoes rise, Along the Ganges' flow, spirituality defies. A city where every ghats' whisper, to the divine ties.

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A revered Hindu temple

Kashi Vishwanath 

Witness the evening Aarti ceremony

Dasawamedh Ghat

Cultural hub and riverfront

Assi Ghat

Buddhist historical site


Picturesque views of the Ganges

Ramnagar Fort

Places to visit in and around Varanasi

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Kachori Gali - For the best kachoris Blue Lassi Shop - Famous for its variety of lassis Brown Bread Cafe - A German bakery serving cuisines from India, Italy, and Europe

Places to eat in Varanasi

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Chunar Fort

Hidden Gem Alert

A historic fort near Varanasi

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A tapestry of history, legends, & faith

Explore the Varanasi Ghats

The moment you step onto any Varanasi ghat, you’re greeted by a lively mix of sights and sounds. The riverbanks often feature holy men, known as sadhus, covered in ash.

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