Allahabad to Varanasi by Road – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

In the words of Mark Twain, ” Varanasi is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend. And it looks twice as old as all of them put together.” The Hindus consider Varanasi a sacred and holy place. It is regarded as the spiritual capital of India, with people believing they can achieve salvation and purification here. The city of Varanasi has a unique rhythm to it which stays with the traveller long after he has left. This explains why so many people like to call Varanasi not a city but an experience.  Book an Allahabad car rental for the best experience on your effortless journey to Varanasi from Allahabad by road and other means of travel.

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Why travel from Allahabad to Varanasi?

The beautiful chaos of the city comes to a standstill during the evening aarti. Being the most important time, of the day, the ghats truly come alive at this time. It is this beautiful chaos that leaves quite an impression on the hearts of travellers. A trip to Varanasi can get a little overwhelming. However, Savaari’s road trip guide will let you navigate the city with ease. Discover three routes to help you reach Varanasi from Allahabad with ease. In addition to these, we have listed down some of the popular places along the way, some hidden gems and well-kept secrets. Also included are places to stop and eat to make this experience a wholesome one. With Savaari’s Allahabad taxi service, you can transform your drive into an enjoyable and exciting journey, while also customizing it according to your preferences, travel time, and budget.

Allahabad to Varanasi


Traveling from Allahabad to Varanasi by car

The distance between Allahabad and Varanasi is quite ideal for a road trip. The two cities are only 121 km apart. The travelling time taken to cover this distance is anywhere between 3 and a half to 4 hours depending upon the route you choose as well as the number of stops and detours you make along the journey. Taking a road trip from Allahabad to Varanasi would be not just convenient, but also quite a wholesome way of exploring two of the finest cities of India that have a rich history and a vibrant local culture.

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Allahabad to Varanasi cabs

Important Highway information – via National Highway 19 

Highway Name National Highway 19 
Highway Number NH 19
Total Distance 120 Km
Starting Point Allahabad
End Point Varanasi
Highway Quality Good 
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Best time to take a road trip from Allahabad to Varanasi by car

The best time to visit Allahabad to Varanasi by car is from November to February. The temperature is low, the roads are cool and windy making it quite an ideal time to embark on a road trip. Monsoons are ideal too but it best to avoid the summer months of April to June. The sun is at its best and makes it quite difficult and uncomfortable to take a road trip between the two cities. Now let us help you discover some routes which can take you to Varanasi from Allahabad and back. It also helps you discover popular places along the way.

Some of the best routes which can help you reach Varanasi from Allahabad and at the same time explore some popular places along the way are:


Route 1: Distance and Time taken from Allahabad to Varanasi via NH 19

Allahabad to Varanasi Distance via NH 19

The route covers a distance of 121 km within 3 hours and the road condition is excellent. This route is preferred by most travellers and passes through beautiful towns like Jhusi.

Allahabad to Varanasi Road Conditions via NH 19

This is the shortest, fastest, and most recommended route to travel from Allahabad to Varanasi. Most tourists and regular travellers use this route since the Allahabad to Varanasi traffic is also not heavy on this highway. 

The classic road map for this route is – 

Allahabad – Jhusi – Andawa – Gopiganj – Mohansarai – Bikapur – Lakhanpur Varanasi


Popular places along the way: 

  • Prayagraj Fort, Allahabad- Built by Emperor Akbar in the 16th Century, the Prayagraj Fort stands right over the edge of Sangam. This massive structure is out of bounds for the most part, but a temple in the underground part of the fort is open to visitors.prayagraj-fort
  • Triveni Sangam, Jhusi – Stop by at the holiest site for Hindus – The Triveni Sangam, This is where you see the confluence of the three rivers- the Yamuna, Ganga and the mythological river Saraswati. The peace and tranquility of the vast water body, the beautiful cloudless sky, and the mix of green and white water is a sight worth stopping for.
  • Ulta Qila, Jhusi – Ulta Qila is a place with legends and folktales. The name Ulta Kila comes from a story about a King named King Haribong who ruled Jhansi. The King was a man without virtue and his decisions always caused great losses. One day, he insulted a saint, who cursed him saying that a star would fall on his fort, turning it upside down. Thus, by the curse of Saint Ali Murtaza, the Mirrikh star fell on this fort and since then the fort has been upside down. 
  • Shri Rishabhdev Bhagwan Tapasthali Jain Mandir, Andawa – This exceptionally beautiful and well-crafted temple is one of the many Jain temples of Allahabad city. The temple houses a black stone idol and is dedicated to Jain Tirthankar Adinath.
  • Sitamahri, HandiaThis is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Handia. It is believed to be the site from where Goddess Sita entered earth. 
  • Bhagwani Chitra MandirRelive the bygone days by catching up on a movie in this single screen cinema hall. Quite famous among the localities, this place is a hit for recent Bollywood and regional movie screenings.

Places to eat along the way: 

  • Tandoori Night Mughlai Restaurant, Jhusi – For a meal of good Mughlai food, Tandoori Night is a fairly decent option. With good food and amazing kebabs, this frequented by regulars. Their Chicken Tikka Masala kebabs are quite a hit. 
  • Naivedhyam Vegetarian Restaurant, AndawaFor a meal of Vegetarian food, stop at this restaurant which is right opposite to the Jain Mandir. Quite famous for its vegetarian dishes, the pilgrims who visit the temple like to stop here for some refreshments.
  • Sri Ramu Sweets and Dosa Corner, HandiaThis place is frequented by locals and regular travelers for their buttery dosas and piping hot rice cakes served with sambhar. Their South Indian dishes are quite a hit.  

Route 2: Distance and Time taken from Allahabad to Varanasi via SH 87

Allahabad to Varanasi Distance via SH 87

The route covers a distance of 125 km within 3 hours 20 minutes and the road condition is good. This route is preferred as a good alternative that crosses the quaint views and places like Bardha and Gopiganj.

Allahabad to Varanasi Road Conditions via SH 87

This is the alternative route to travel from Allahabad to Varanasi. But this is a slightly longer road than the previous one. However, there are more sightseeing options on this route. Here’s a basic Allahabad to Varanasi road map for this route:

Allahabad – Jhusi – Handia – Gopiganj – Bardha – Varanasi 


Popular places along the way: 

  1. Anand Bhawan, Allahabad – Visit the former residence of the Nehru family which has now been transformed into a museum showcasing various artefacts and articles of the era of the Independence movement in India.Quite a famous stopover among history buffs. 
  2. Khusro Bagh, Jhusi – About 6.6 km from Jhusi Railways Station, Khusro Bagh is an architectural marvel perfect for photography enthusiasts. Also a tomb of Jahangir’s Rajput wife, the architecture of the palace shows a fine blend of Mughal and Rajput architecture. khusro-bagh
  3. Jaunpur – A detour from Pachwal and take the road that leads to Jaunpur. There are quite a few things to explore here. Lovers of architecture will exploring Jaunpur. Popular places to visit in Jaunpur are Shahi Qila, Jama Masjid, Lal Darwaza Masjid, and Jaunpur Fort. 

Places to eat along the way:

  • Baswari Restaurant, Jhusi – One can stop here for a quick bite. The ambiance is not quite appealing, but their authentic Indian cuisine along with Indo-Chinese dishes make this restaurant quite a hit in Jhusi
  • Bombay Hotel and Family Restaurant, BarautTheir unmatched variety of parathas served with curd and pickle is a great option if you want to stop for breakfast. 
  • Rajpoot Dhaba, GopiganjFor a vegetarian meal, Rajpoot Dhaba is a perfect stop for vegetarian North Indian meals along with some Rajasthani meals too. 

Allahabad to Varanasi Best Route

While you can take any of the two routes, we recommend Route 1 Via NH19. The road conditions are excellent and the time taken is less. However, it is advisable to check live traffic updates before leaving for your trip.

Other means of travelling from Allahabad to Varanasi 

How to Reach Varanasi by Flight:

There are plenty of flights that operate between Allahabad and Varanasi. Although there are no direct flights to these two destinations, more than 5 airlines connect Allahabad and Varanasi by air. For more details, visit the online portals that have online booking options. You can book an Allahabad airport cab to Varanasi to have a hassle-free road trip.

How to Reach Varanasi by Train:

There are many trains that run between the two cities. On a daily basis, 11 trains run between Allahabad and Varanasi. On a weekly basis, the count shoots up to 17. The first train that leaves Allahabad and takes you to Varanasi is 14259 Rameswaram Varanasi Express. It departs from Allahabad at 01:25 AM and reaches Varanasi at 04:40 AM. The last train that leaves Allahabad for Varanasi is 03242 Secunderabad Junction Patna Junction Special. It leaves at 23:50 PM and reaches the destination at 02:30 AM. 12382 Poorva Express is the fastest train that will take you from Allahabad to Varanasi. It takes 2h 25m and leaves Allahabad at 02:45.

You can visit the Indian Railways website for your Allahabad to Varanasi train bookings, or choose your options from the multiple online portals.

Train Name Departure Arrival Duration
VANDE BHARAT EX (22416) 21:15 23:05 2hr
VANDE BHARAT EX (22436) 12:10 14:00 2hr
SHIV GANGA EXP (12560) 03:55 06:10 2hr 15 min

Explore Varanasi like a local

Varanasi is one of the world’s oldest cities and should be on every traveler’s list who wishes to see India at its finest glory. Varanasi is, without doubt,  an experience that stays with you forever. Every nook and corner in Varanasi will you mesmerize with a charm of its own. From the ghats to the evening aarti, from the chaos on the streets to the mouth-watering street food; your time in Varanasi will leave you with a craving to visit this place time and again. This comprehensive Varanasi travel guide will help you make the most out of your trip.

Popular attractions in Varanasi for local sightseeing

  • One of the most famous temples of Varanasi, the Kashi Vishwanath Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located in the heart of the city, the importance of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple stems from the fact that it is mentioned in several holy scriptures of the Hindus.
  • The Ganga aarti conducted every evening at the Dhashwamedha Ghat, is very popular and draws hundreds of people every day. The calming effect of the ritual is quite difficult to describe in words and should definitely be experienced first-hand.
  • Another very famous ghat in Varanasi is the Assi Ghat. Placed at the confluence of the Rivers Assi and Ganga, Assi Ghat is the heart of Varanasi and the pride of locals. A shiva lingam placed under the tree and the evening Arti draw huge crowds.
  • There numerous ghats that dot the city. However, one particular ghat is especially sacred- Manikarnika Ghat. Hindus believe that by spending the last few days at the ghats or by completing the last rituals of cremation at the ghat, one attains salvation. The ghat sees a minimum of 100 cremations each day.

Some of the other important places to visit in Varanasi are Hindu Banaras University, Tulsi Manasa Temple, Kedar Ghat, Bharat Mata Mandir, Shivala Ghat, Manmandir Ghat, Ramnagar Fort, Chunar Fort, Vishwanath Gali and so on. Explore this guide to discover the various ghats in Varanasi and find recommendations on the must-visit ones, making it easier for you to decide which ones to explore.

  • Italian – Pizzeria Vaatika Cafe 
  • Indian beverages – Blue Lassi Shop
  • Street chat – Dena chat bhandar
  • Organic bakery – Brown Bread Bakery, Bread of Life Bakery 
  • Street food – The Ram Bhandar
  • Fine dining – The Great Kebab Factory, Radisson Blu 

Hotels and resorts – Accommodation in Varanasi 

Hotel Name Address
HHI Varanasi C-21/3 Maldahiya Rd, Near, Maldahiya Crossing, Maldahiya, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002. PH: 0542 711 0711
The Clarks The Mall Rd, Cantonment, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002. PH: 0542 250 1011
Hotel Surya Kaiser Palace S. 20/51, A-5, The Mall Rd, Cantonment, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002. PH: 0542 250 8466
Taj Ganges Grounds, Nadesar Palace, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002. PH: 0542 666 0001

Nearby road trips from Varanasi

Destinations Distance Time taken
Varanasi to Sarnath 10 km 30 minutes
Varanasi to Bodh Gaya 255 km 5 hours
Varanasi to Lucknow 320 km 6-7 hours
Varanasi to Khajuraho 400 km 7-8 hours
Varanasi to Patna 250 km 5 hours
Varanasi to Ayodhya 200 km 4-5 hours
Varanasi to Rajgir 240 km 5 hours
Varanasi to Vindhyachal 70 km 1-2 hours
Varanasi to Chitrakoot 260 km 5-6 hours

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