Bir Billing

Where Adrenaline Meets Serenity

Bir is renowned as a centre for spiritual research and ecotourism. It also has a Tibetan refugee community that includes several Buddhist monasteries. Although Bir and Billing are two distinct locations, their names are frequently combined to form one. While the Bir village serves as the landing area for paragliders, Billing serves you as a great take-off location.

Being a hill station, it has a generally cool climate all year long. However, the summer months of April to June are the best times to visit. The best time to visit Bir Billing for aero activities is from October to November and from March to May.

- Bir-Billing paragliding - Go camping - Watch sunsets - Visit the monasteries - Visit Dharmalaya

Things to do in Bir Billing:

Places to visit in

Bir Billing

– Tsering Jon Monastery – Palpung Monastery – Dzongsar Khyentse Monastery in Chauntra – The Bir tea factory

Places to visit near

Bir Billing

- Take the toy train Visit Bangoru waterfall  - Visit Baijnath Temple

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