Things To Do In Bir Billing – A Complete Travel Guide

Bir is a small village in Himachal Pradesh’s Joginder Nagar Valley. A fascinating fact about Bir Billing is that it is perched at a height of 5000 feet. It is in the district of Kangra, in the tehsil of Baijnath, in Himachal Pradesh, India. Visitors travel to this place from all over the world to unwind, practice meditation, and partake in adventure sports. Rent a car from Manali to explore this extremely scenic hill town.

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Things To Do In Bir Billing

If you’re looking for an exhilarating vacation, you must take advantage of the incredible trekking trails that this location offers, challenging your inner adventurer.

Things To Do In Bir With Friends 

Here’s what you can do in Bir Billing to enjoy with your friends!

  • Bir-Billing Paragliding

When it comes to adventure sports, you must have heard about Bir paragliding. It tops every adventure seeker’s wish list because it is the best location for this aero sport. For beginners, lessons and supervised flights are offered. 

  • Go For Camping

You will undoubtedly miss out on an exquisite experience of vacationing surrounded by nature if you visit Bir and stay inside the four walls of a hotel. Camping is the best way to take in the area’s natural beauty.

  • Trekking

When you are in the mountains, what else can you do that is more fun and exciting than trekking? If you love adventure and have always wanted to go trekking, Bir Billing is the place for you.

  • Walk By The Riverside.

Too exhausted from a strenuous excursion and don’t want to return to the hotel? Take a stroll along the banks of the Bir River. Allow the peace of the flowing water to calm your troubled soul.

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Things To Do In Bir Billing With Family

You can indulge in the following activities in Bir Billing to have a memorable time with your family.

  •  Watch Sunsets

When deciding when to start an activity with family, consider the evening and observe how the sky’s colours change as you fly from Billing to Bir.

  •  Stroll At Take-Off Sit

This location is a great place to sit for a while and take an eye-soothing view of the surroundings. It is nestled among the fantastic mountains’ scintillating suburbs, flora and fauna. You can also enjoy a leisurely stroll around the area before enrolling in training sessions for aero sports.

  • Meditate At Deer Park Institute 

The Holy Dalai Lama established Deer park as a centre for the study of classical Indian wisdom traditions. Don’t miss out on visiting and enrolling in yoga and meditation programs here.

Shop In Bir Billing

When confused about things to do in Bir Billing, Bir Road is a boon for shopaholics. It’s glistened with a variety of goods you’ll want to bring home. The area is full of Tibetan culture. You can never leave Bir without bringing home some new clothing, handicrafts, mushrooms, or other items.

Places To Visit In Bir Billing

Here are some of the most mesmerising places to visit in Bir Billing – 

  • Visit The Monasteries

The stunning Chokling Monastery, which is in Chowgan, tops the list of places to visit in Bir. It has an impressive stupa at its gate and regularly hosts public seminars on Buddhist philosophy. Here are some other suggestions –

  • Tsering Jon Monastery in Chaugan
  • Palpung Monastery in Bhattu
  • Dzongsar Khyentse Monastery in Chauntra
  • Sherab Ling Monastery in Bhattu
  • Visit Tea Plantations

One of the best places to visit in Bir Billing, the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas and the surrounding tea plantations make for the ideal paragliding launch location for Billing. The Bir tea factory offers eco-tours for people who are curious about the specifics of tea production. An awesome tour of stunning and enticing tea plantations is a bonus!

  • Visit Dharmalaya

The renowned school in Bir, run by the well-known charitable organisation Dharmalaya, which advocates education and empowerment for compassionate living with a focus on sustainable village development, is a great place to start.

Places To Visit Around Bir Billing

Flying Landscape Paraglider Paragliding Mountains

There are several awe-inspiring places to visit around Bir Billing. Let us take a look!

  • Take The Toy Train

Travelling in the adorable toy train will make you pinch yourself as it passes by the captivating villages, wooden bridges, and gurgling streams. It is a dream come true. 

  • Visit Bangoru waterfall

The Bangoru waterfall is one location that you absolutely must visit. To get to the waterfall, situated 4.5 kilometres from the Tibetan Colony, you must make a short hike. If you still have trouble following the directions, you can ask the friendly and welcoming locals.

  • Visit Baijnath Temple

Touch upon your religious side by visiting the Baijnath Shiva temple in the small town of Baijnath in Kangra. Due to its age, this temple has a lot of spooky legends attached to it that draw tourists to the location.

Places To Eat In Bir Billing

Bir billing is loaded with cafes and restaurants as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. Being the paragliding centre of India, it is packed with adventure enthusiasts trying new dishes on their way. So, here are some options for you to relish authentic Pahari, Tibetan, and Indian cuisine. Maggi and tea, a staple in the mountains, are always an option.

  • Ram Bahadur Cafe 

This is the best place to go if you’re craving momos. Every visitor to Bir holds a special place in their hearts for this tiny, unassuming food establishment! The momos come with a vegetable, chicken, or mutton filling that can be steamed or fried. 

  • Nyingma Restaurant

The lavish decor of the restaurant will make this place appear expensive, but the prices are reasonable, and the food is delicious. The thukpa here is just perfectly balanced and also quite filling. You can also try the Devil Momos, fried and then tossed in a hot, garlicky sauce.

  • Kuckie’s Cafe

A special mention should be made of Kuckie’s Cafe in this travel guide to Bir Billing! The food provided by the owner is simple but delicious and reasonably priced. You’ll feel as though you’ve entered your living room the moment you walk into this cafe. A brief conversation with Aunty will make you feel at home.

How To Plan A Trip To Bir Billing?

Wondering how to reach Bir Billing? Reaching Bir won’t be a problem at all because of the excellent connectivity. It is situated in one of Himachal’s most heavily travelled regions.

How To Reach Bir-Billing?

There are four ways to get to Bir: by plane, train, bus, or taxi.

By Air

The Dharamshala airport, which is 35–40 kms from Dharamshala, is the closest airport to Bir. Flights between this airport and Delhi are frequent. 

By Train

Route 1: From Delhi or wherever you are right now, take a train to Pathankot/Chakki Bank, and then take a taxi or a bus to Bir. After arriving in Pathankot by train, you can also board a toy train that departs an hour after the Pathankot train arrives in the morning. 

Route 2: Baijnath has a station called Baijnath Paprola Railway Station that connects to the main Kangra cities. It is connected to cities like Pathankot, Kangra, and Palampur and is located at the narrow-gauge rail head between Pathankot and Jogindernagar.

By Road

Bir Billing can be reached from Gaggal, 50 kms away, and Dharamshala, 180 kms away. Manali, 200 kms away. Shimla, 280 kms away, Chandigarh, and 500 kms away from Delhi via government HRTC buses or private services. Direct buses operated by HRTC are also available from Bir to Delhi Bus Stand Pathankot.

Route 1: From the Inter-State Bus Terminus, take a bus to Bir Road or Baijnath (more frequently running). Every evening, two overnight buses depart from Delhi for Baijnath. The following morning, once you arrive in Baijnath early, you can take a bus or a taxi for the final 30 minutes of your journey. Every 30 minutes, local buses depart from Baijnath for Bir.

Route 2: The simplest and quickest method you can opt to travel to Bir is by taxi, but it is also the priciest. You can opt for Savaari’s Car Rental App to make the journey simpler.

  • 4-5 hours from Pathankot to Bir
  • Bir to Baijnath: 30 minutes 
  • Bir to Dharamshala: 2–3 hours 

Best Time To Visit Bir

Being a hill station, it has a generally cool climate all year long. However, the summer months of April to June are the best times to visit. The best time to visit Bir Billing for aero activities is from October to November and from March to May. Chilly weather and temperatures that drop to negative numbers in the winter are a big no. Due to the high rainfall and landslides they cause, monsoons are also not a good idea. 

Tips To Travel To Bir Billing

The following information will help you stay better prepared during your trip to Bir Billing –

  • Bir doesn’t have many ATMs. Therefore, you should bring enough cash when you travel to Bir. Due to patchy networks, cards and other electronic payments may not always be secure.
  • The best way to explore this breathtaking place is to hire a local travel guide to Bir Billing. This will give you an idea about the place and help you plan the entire trip.

About Bir Billing

Bir is renowned as a centre for spiritual research and ecotourism. It also has a Tibetan refugee community that includes several Buddhist monasteries. Although Bir and Billing are two distinct locations, their names are frequently combined to form one. While the Bir village serves as the landing area for paragliders, Billing serves you as a great take-off location. It has pleasant weather that varies with the seasons. However, there are other places to visit in Bir Billing that provide ample fun and adventure.


The Nyingma lineage’s third incarnate lama, Neten Chokling (1928-1973), arrived in Bir in 1966 with his family and a small group of followers. Around 300 Tibetan families were allocated land to build homes. Neten Chokling established these with foreign aid on more than 200 acres of land. Chokling Rinpoche also began construction on a new Neten monastery at this time in Bir. The first sangha was established by followers who had accompanied him to India.

Facts About Bir Billing

Take a look at some interesting facts about Bir!

  • One of the best locations in the world for engaging in various aero-sport activities is Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh.
  • In Bir, hand gliding and mountain biking are the most popular activities after paragliding.
  • After the first World Cup for paragliding held here, Bir Billing earned recognition.
  • It is the highest paragliding launch site in Asia and the second-highest site in the entire world.

Accommodations In Bir billing

In Bir-Billing, you can easily find a clean, basic, comfortable room for less than 1000 rupees per night. The Zostel in Bir is a well-liked choice for hostel travellers. Like most hostels, it is located near the heart of Chowgan. The dorm, which costs about INR 400, can be reserved on their website. 

There are inexpensive hotels and guesthouses provided by the renowned Dharmalaya Institute and Himachal tourism hotels in Upper Bir, Tibetan Colony, Chowgan, and Ghornala. Here is a comprehensive list of lodging options in Bir for you. 

Hotel Name Address Phone Number
Chokling Guesthouse Bir Colony, Chaugan, Himachal Pradesh 176077, India Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh 8894232589
Colonel’s Resort Colonel’s Resort, VPO Bir, Tehsil, Baijnath, Kangra 176077, Himachal Pradesh 9805534220
Hipostel Bir Chaugan, Chowk, Birbilling Road, Bir, Kangra – 176077 9897399990
Surya Classic Near Panchayat Chougan, Teh Baijnath, Bir-176077 9418042371
Tatva Bir Camp Bir, Tehsil-Baijnath, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh 7833867398

To reach any of the above-mentioned locations on foot, choose to trek, hike, or walk through several forested trails.

If you’re considering Bir Billing as your next vacation spot, you should definitely explore the pristine valleys and the majestic mountains. It will give you the much-needed break from the noise and tedium of everyday life. Witness the grandeur of Bir by booking a car rental to take you to all these places with a local driver.

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