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Spiritual Sojourn - From Delhi's Urbanity to Haridwar's Sanctity

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Frequently used route

Delhi - Muradnagar - Modinagar - Sardhana - Khatauli - Roorkee - Haridwar

247 km

4 hrs 44 mins


Enchanting Pit Stops

For Chhota Haridwar and farm retreats


Iconic 151 feet high statue in Meerut

Ashtapad Jain Temple

Home to a large idol of Lord Ganesha


Scenic picnic spot in Roorkee

Solani Reservoir

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Offers a wide range of snacks and sweets

Bikanerwala, Modinagar

For its Indian-style masala lemonade

Jain Shikanji, Meerut

Popular for Indian meals and thalis

Cheetal Grand, Muzaffarnagar

Grab a Bite


In Haridwar's holy embrace, The Ganges flows with grace, A city where spirituality and tranquility interlace.

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Beautiful architecture and spirituality

Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple

Iconic Ganges embankment and spiritual hub

Har Ki Pauri

A center for spiritual learning

Shantikunj Gayatri Parivar

Experience wilderness and eco-tourism

Rajaji National Park:

Enjoy panoramic views, picnics, and sunrise/sunsets

Chilla Dam

Places to visit in and around Haridwar

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Ganga Lahari Haridwar - Savor divine flavors with a riverside view. Devnadi, The Heritage Hotel -Experience heritage dining with a touch of timeless elegance. Hotel Ganga Exotica - Indulge in exquisite vegetarian cuisine.

Places to eat in Haridwar

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Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar

Hidden Gem Alert

A serene bird-watching spot.

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A Holy Confluence into the River Ganges

Panch Prayag Travel Guide

Uttarakhand has historically been known as “Dev Bhoomi” (the land of the gods) for good reason. One of the most sacred of these is when India’s largest river Ganga meets its tributaries on its foaming path down to the plains at five different sites called Panch Prayag. To go on this sacred journey, one needs to start from Haridwar.

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