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Serenade of the Hills - Delhi to Shimla Road Expedition

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Frequently used route

Delhi — Panipat — Kurukshetra — Ambala — Chandigarh — Kalka — Solan — Shimla

343.1 km

7 hr 16 mins


Enchanting Pit Stops

Tour the historic battlefield of Panipat


Visit the tranquil Brahma Sarovar


Explore local avifauna and other wildlife

Sukhna Sanctuary

Known for fruit farming and is lined with orchards


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Highway side family restaurant

Haveli, Murthal, Haryana

Popular and busy highway-side eatery

Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat

Family-owned old dhaba famous

Pooran Singh Da Dhaba

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Shimla's embrace, a Himalayan queen, weaves magic in alpine green. Colonial echoes amidst forest serene, a tapestry of nature and history keen.

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Huge Hanuman Temple overlooking all of Shimla

Jakhoo Temple

Home to many exotic and migratory birds

Himalayan Bird Park

Famous for woolen clothing and handicrafts

Mall Road

Second oldest church in all of North India

Christ Church

Enjoy a day of mini golf and visit Army Museum


Places to visit in and around Shimla

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Sita Ram and Sons - Legendary spot for authentic Shimla street food. Café Shimla Times - Cafe with scenic views and an eclectic menu. Cecil Restaurant, Mall Road - Elegant dining with colonial charm and gourmet cuisine.

Places to eat in Shimla

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Chadwick Falls

Hidden Gem Alert

A serene escape amidst nature, with a stunning waterfall set in a forest setting

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The irresistible flavors of


A melting pot of various Indian and international cuisines, Shimla brings you a wide array of delectable delicacies to the table, literally! From simple roadside shacks, and legendary cafes to fine dining the ‘queen of hills’ has something for every food lover.

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