Lesser-known facts about the Kopeshwar Temple in Khidrapur

The temple's construction took about 500 years

The Kopeshwar Temple, a marvel of dedication, was constructed over 500 years, showcasing an enduring testament to faith and resilience.

Rocks were transported from a river during floods

Black basalt rocks, vital to the temple's construction, were sourced from the Sahyadri ranges. Transporting these massive stones involved the ingenious use of the Panchganga River, especially during floods, to navigate them to their sacred destination.

The only temple in the world with a Vishnu ling and Shivling

The temple's unique feature of housing both a Vishnu ling and a Shivling is steeped in a tale of divine reconciliation, originating from Daksha's yagna, Sati's sacrifice, and the subsequent intervention by Vishnu to pacify Shiva's wrath.

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It's the only Shiva temple in the world without Nandi

Kopeshwar deviates from conventional Shiva temples by the conspicuous absence of Nandi. This is a direct reflection of the temple's mythology, where Nandi's loyalty to Sati keeps him away from the temple, marking a unique deviation in traditional temple architecture.

12 pillars of the Swarg Mandap symbolises the 12 zodiac signs

Within the temple's Swarg Mandap, 12 out of 48 pillars are specially designed to represent the zodiac signs, embodying ancient knowledge of astronomy and astrology interwoven into its very architecture.

The full moon aligns at the centre of the pillars

Each year, on Tripurari Poornima, a breathtaking alignment occurs as the full moon positions itself precisely at the centre of the zodiac pillars, showcasing the temple's extraordinary alignment with celestial movements.

The Gajapada is adorned with 96 elephants

It is adorned with a mesmerising array of 96 elephants, all differently carved. Rising above this grand base, the stone facade is adorned with a profusion of figurines, idols, and tales that ascend to the very roof.

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