What was Patnitop called? It's not what you think!

Patnitop in Jammu and Kashmir didn't always go by this name. In the old days, it went by a different name: "Pattan da Talab," which means "Pond of the Princess."

But when the British came along, it was a popular hill station and retreat for officers seeking respite from the scorching Indian summers. However, they struggled with the local language.

"Pattan da Talab" was mistakenly recorded as Patnitop in revenue documents, leading to the name we know today.


From breathtaking natural beauty to adrenaline-pumping adventures, and several ancient temples, including the Sudh Mahadev Temple, this hill station has something for everyone.

Places to visit in Patnitop: Nathatop Madhatop Sudh Mahadev Temple Shiva Garh Sanasar Lake Patnitop Circular Road

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