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From Peaks to Plains - A Scenic Route from Manali to Chandigarh

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Frequently used route

Manali - Kullu - Mandi - Bilaspur - Chandigarh

300 km

8 hours


Enchanting Pit Stops

For its deodar forests and apple orchards


A marvel of engineering amidst natural beauty

Pandoh Dam

Sacred spot with tranquil surroundings

Rewalsar Lake

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Taste traditional Himachali cuisine

Himachali Rasoi, Kullu

Enjoy meals with a serene lake view

Lake View Restaurant, Rewalsar

Authentic Punjabi food in a thematic setting

Haveli, Ropar

Grab a Bite


Chandigarh whispers tales of green and dreams, Where modernity and nature in harmony gleam. A city of circles, gardens, and serene streams, Art and architecture in every scene, it seems.

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A unique garden made from recycled materials

Rock Garden

Archaeology, Astronomy, Geology, and Pre-history

Evolution of life museum

An exquisite garden with Japanese-style aesthetics

Japanese Garden

A beautiful garden with diverse flora


A popular spot for boating and scenic walks

Sukhna Lake

Places to visit in and around Chandigarh

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Barbecue Nation - A haven for grilled delicacies and live counters. Moti Mahal - Iconic place offering a royal Mughlai feast. Nik Bakers - A delightful spot for exquisite cakes and pastries.

Places to eat in Chandigarh

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Pinjore Garden

Hidden Gem Alert

A stunning Mughal garden offering tranquility and historical charm

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A perfect 4-day itinerary for exploring

Chandigarh's cultural landscape

Providing the perfect blend of the authentic Indian culture and the fast-growing modern influence, Chandigarh is the right place for you to visit and it has something special for all the travelers. Discover Chandigarh's rich cultural heritage, from its iconic architecture to its vibrant gardens and bustling markets.

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