Things to do in Chandigarh – A Complete Travel Guide

Experience the fusion of modernity and tradition in Chandigarh, India’s first planned city. Envisioned by the renowned architect Le Corbusier, this union territory boasts a unique grid-like design, serene lakes, and expansive green spaces. As you navigate its symmetrical boulevards, you’ll discover that things to do in Chandigarh are not only about admiring its architectural prowess but also immersing in its vibrant culture, art, and gastronomic delights. Book a Savaari cab in Chandigarh and explore India’s premier model city comfortably

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Famously known as the “City of Gardens”, Chandigarh offers a perfect combination of urbanisation and conservation of natural beauty. In addition, holding the title of the best-planned city in the country, the city’s infrastructure and town planning is phenomenal. And with the scenic vistas of the Shivalik mountain range overlooking the city, which is further beautified by a magnificent blue sky. 

 things to do in Chandigarh

Wide, smooth roads sprinkled with lush greenery delight every sightseer and take them on a journey that proves why Chandigarh is one of the most mesmerising Indian cities. Moreover, from stunning natural beauty to delightful art galleries and vibrant nightlife to delicious food, the magnificent city will always attract you like no other. Keep scrolling below to read the complete travel guide. 


The history of Chandigarh dates back to 8,000 years, and the city was first inhabited during the Harappans dynasty, one of the earliest known civilisations. The city was a thriving place during the mediaeval era and part of the Punjab region. Moreover, after independence from British control, Punjab was divided into East and West Punjab. After separation, East Punjab went to Pakistan and was named Lahore, and Chandigarh became the capital of Punjab. So, at the base of the Shivalik mountain range, the city was constructed under the authority of the Indian Prime Minister and other prominent officers.  Also, you might know that the forest department maintained a nursery and a Deer Park in Kansal forest near Hallo Majra village. And the forest department officers further took measures to preserve wildlife in the Kansal forest and convert the area into a prominent sightseeing spot. 


Interesting facts about Chandigarh 

  • Chandigarh is a prominent city in north India, located at the base of the Shivalik ranges, constituting a portion of the extensive Himalayan ecosystem. Snuggled at an elevation of 322 metres above sea level, Chandigarh falls within 76° 47 ’14E longitude and 30° 44′ 14N latitude. 
  • Encompassing a total area of 115 sq km, the city remains encircled by three states, i.e. Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. The city is bordered by the Patiala, Mohali, and Ropar districts in Panchkula, Punjab and Ambala in Haryana.
  • When speaking of weather in Chandigarh, the town experiences three prominent seasons, summer, winter and monsoon, with a tropical temperature throughout the year. While summers in the city are excessively hot, monsoons and winter are the perfect seasons to visit this magnificent city. 
  • Chandigarh barely has any forests besides small forest tracks in the lands acquired on leases from Punjab and Haryana states. In addition, there are approximately 2542 hectares of forest in Nepali (Land leased from Haryana) and Kansal (Land leased from Punjab) forests and some areas in Chandigarh union territory.

Things to do in Chandigarh

Famous for its admirable magnificence and scenic gardens, Chandigarh is the perfect place to calm your wanderlust. And when in the city, you can tour the gorgeous parks, enjoy a boat ride at Sukhna Lake or go out on an adventure at Thunder Zone, as there is no shortage of delightful things to do in Chandigarh. Below are some thrilling activities and famous sightseeing places to add to your itinerary to make your trip more unforgettable. 

Things to do in Chandigarh with friends

  • Try cycling in the city: Going on a cycle tour through the city is a great idea if you wish to spend a carefree and fun day after a party night in the city. The cycling tour that begins early at sunrise and lasts till late noon takes you to some of the most well-known tourist places of the town –  Leisure Valley, Rose Garden, War Memorial and more that would fill your senses with delight. And you know the best part? Well-constructed roads and strict traffic rules make this cycling tour a breeze, and you would never have to fear running into reckless motorists.
  • Party your heart out: Besides the structural attractions and exquisite gardens, Chandigarh also accommodates multiple nightclubs and pubs where you can party to your heart’s content. Moreover, as the night takes over, the city gets a new life, and with party places hitting foot-tapping rhythms and serving delicious grubs, Chandigarh has become one of the most happening cities in India. And there are many nightclubs like Arizona and Hops and Grains known for fun-filled themed nights that would make your trip delightful. 
  • Spend a fun day at Thunder Zone: The city usually remains synonymous with refreshing water and amusement parks, which provide the locals and sightseers with a thrilling chance to spend their day with their family and friends amidst the frenzy, fun and entertainment. In addition, the Thunder Zone Amusement and Water Park are one of the few attractions in the city that cater to individuals of all age groups and offer thrilling and exciting rides to enjoy.

Things to do in Chandigarh with family

  • Go shopping at Sector 17: This well-constructed marketplace extends over a large area and accommodates the shopping outlets of some of the world’s most luxurious and well-known brands. However, that’s not all! You can also witness shopkeepers’ classic Punjabi handicraft articles at affordable rates in this market. Moreover, the market also holds a broad range of small eating joints and restaurants offering the best of traditional and continental cuisine.
  • Marvel at the musical fountain show: Musical Fountain Show at Sector 17 is famous for entertainment and sightseeing. This lively show is held during the evening and is a fantastic display of water fountains dancing to rhythmic fun music.

 Places to visit in Chandigarh 

  • Take a glimpse of natural beauty at Rose Garden: Rose Garden is a delightful park that blooms with approximately 32,500 varieties of trees, therapeutic shrubs, and  825 flowers. Famously known as Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, it is quite famous among sightseers and nature lovers.
  • Explore the scenic exhibits at Rock Garden: Situated in sector 1 of the captivating city, the Rock Garden is a famous sightseeing attraction developed as an open-air exhibition corridor using industrial and urban wastes by Nek Chand. Furthermore famous as Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, this expansive 40-acre garden is a vivid mosaic of sculptures and art pieces constructed from home and industrial waste with approximately 5,000 sculptures. 

Places to visit near Chandigarh 

Chandigarh is a connecting city to all the major tourist places in the North. There are many scenic destinations that are just a few hours’ drive from Chandigarh. Below listed are some places that you should plan to visit when you travel to Chandigarh:

  • Tour the scenic Garden of Fragrance: As the name implies, Garden of Fragrance is renowned for its aromatic plants such as Haar Shingar, Mehndi, Raat ki Rani, Champa, Motia, demask, rose, and combinations of jasmine. And the park, with its stunning landscape, also presents a delightful stroll for its guests.
  • Visit the museum of the evolution of life: Exhibiting the evolutionary history of human lives, this museum contains museums on Archaeology, Astronomy, Geology, and Pre-history presented with technical and scientific presentations with reference libraries, making it an ideal place for science lovers.

Places to eat in Chandigarh

Chandigarh provides a wide assortment of authentic Punjabi delicacies and eating joints at every street corner. Furthermore, the beautiful city remains brimming with food options with authentic and rich Continental delicacies and famous and delicious classic Punjabi dishes. And while in the city, don’t forget to savour some delicious Butter Chicken,  Lachha Parathas, Chicken Tikkas, Amritsari Kulche, Chole Bhature, Kebabs, Roh di Kheer, Jalebi and countless more. Below are some well-known eating joints you can explore in the city. 

  • Barbecue Nation
  • Moti Mahal
  • Nik Bakers 
  • Sundarams

How to Plan a Trip to Chandigarh?

Chandigarh city garden

Chandigarh remains well-linked to other prominent cities, towns and villages through railways, flights and roadways. Here are some principal transport modes to reach the city.

How to reach Chandigarh?

  • By Road: Regular bus and private cab services run to and fro Chandigarh. Moreover, a fleet of buses arrives from various North Indian cities like Delhi, Jaipur etc., towards Chandigarh. You can book a cab from Delhi to Chandigarh for a hassle-free journey.
  • By Train: Chandigarh Railway Station caters to train services from all over the country. And the most suitable way to reach the city from the Railway Station is via private cab or local buses available outside the Railway Station.
  • By Flight: Chandigarh Airport remains located 10-12 kilometres from the main city centre. Upon reaching the airport, you can hire a cab to reach your sightseeing destinations

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Best time to visit Chandigarh 

The best time to visit Chandigarh is from November to February. This duration marks the arrival of winters in the country, and the average day temperatures remain at around 20℃ while nights can get freezing with temperatures below 10℃.

Hotels and Resorts near Chandigarh

Hotel Name Address
The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort  Pallanpur P.O, Sialba Majri Rd, New Chandigarh| Phone: 0160 272 0000
JW Marriott Hotel Plot No: 6, Dakshin Marg, 35B, Sector 35, Chandigarh| Phone: 0172 455 5555
Holiday Inn Chandigarh Zirakpur Raksha Business Centre, Ambala Chandigarh Expy, Zirakpur| Phone: 01762 470 000

With countless captivating scenic attractions in Chandigarh, you will unquestionably have the most memorable time in the city. So why wait? Plan a fun-filled trip to Chandigarh now. Witness the beauty of Chandigarh by booking a car rental to take you to all these places with a local driver. Install the Savaari cab booking app for offers and discounts on outstation rentals.  

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